How do I check out an older model number

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    I'm trying to get an RPTV with a limited budget. So I was ecstatic when I saw the Panasonic 47" that I was eyeing up at a local warehouser for $1600. But when I got back home and compared the model number it wasn't the same. (It's pt47wx49s instead of the pt47wx42 I was expecting.)

    So, is this one of those deals where they make product specifically for a dealer; or is it just an older model? And does anyone have any ideas on how to check out the specs for a non-mainstream model? (It wasn't on Panasonic's web site.) Thanks!
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    This is last years model, which is nearly identical to this years except the current model comes a bit more natural colored out of the box, and has a menu defeatable SVM. The wx49 you actually need to open the set and pull 3 wires (I did this very easy).
    But the price of $1600 is not that great for a used model. I purchased the one higher model (protective screen and better remote) nearly 9 months ago for $1570. I think many places have been selling the new set for around $1600. If you can get it for $1300 go for it, otherwise get the new one... check out for more info on this set.

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