Horror and Non-Horror fans Unite...Re: Friday the 13th Part VII on DVD


Mar 15, 2001
Paramount, please, consider the fans you will make happy if you put this disk out. If you do believe in making money, which I believe you do, putting this disk out will turn every F13 fan in the world back into a fan of Paramount.
It seems to me like Paramounts main interest is making money, which is logical. Isn't that the goal of every business, be it a corner store, or a major movie studio? Well, Friday the 13th has legions of fans who hate Paramount for not giving us F13 movies uncut. Paramount, you are wasting your money transfering DVDs that are cut. Fans don't want that, so they don't buy, and you're not making a profit! If you would put that extra money in transfering the cut scenes, you would sell so many more copies, and make a considerable profit.
Release the F13 movies uncut, and make the fans happy. We promise, we will no longer dislike Paramount. It seems that F13 7 would be a perfect opportunity to test the F13 uncut waters, so to speak. You have the promise of the director's help, which until recently, you've ignored!
Release Part 7 uncut, and see how many you discs you sell. I promise, it will outnumber the sales of any of the other Friday DVDs. Then, you'll see the potential profits of Friday the 13th uncut, and hopefully, you'll release the rest UNCUT on DVD.
Shouldn't this be in the STUDIO AND MANUFACTURER FEEDBACK forum?
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Wes Ray

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May 11, 2001
Mikey, thanks for your support.
I'm happy to report that we now have close to 500 signatures on the online petition.
This thread states news concerning the release of Part 7 on DVD, so I chose this forum instead of the Studio Feedback forum. Plus, it raises a very important issue that all DVD fans, regardless of genre preference, should be aware of. And that is Paramount's intent to release two different versions of the same DVD, knowing ahead of time what the fans want to see on it (and that won't be considered until the first disc sells well).
Like I said, I'm extremely happy that there's a good chance of the footage making the disc in some form or another and I'm equally happy that there could be Director's commentary on the disc...but if they CAN remaster the footage into the film, why not go ahead and do so? They have the director's full support. Why not include a featurette discussing why certain things were cut from the film (much like MGM's Dressed to Kill), possibly showing comparisons to the R-Rated and TV versions? And as most of us have stated before, why can't the R-rated version AND the Unrated director's cut be included on the same disc? Once again, see Dressed to Kill for a stellar example of an Uncut horror film done right.
Of course, I still don't see why Paramount can't release a Director's Cut of My Bloody Valentine sometime in Feb. (possibly Tues, Feb. 12th?
) to see how well it goes over. Then, a Director's Cut release of Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood could follow later in the Fall. Just an idea.

Ricky f

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May 12, 2001
It would be a big seller, Look at the response on the petition, 471 signatures within 4 days.
As Mike said this DVD would be the highest selling. I am sure you have looked at the figures for the previous Friday the 13th DVD's and thought that they were not that great.
The reason ?
Fans want Friday the 13th DVD's Uncut !
Friday the 13th part 7 Uncut is the way to go, No question about it, It will result in two things
1. BIG Profit for Paramount
2. Thousands and Thousands of Happy Friday the 13th/Horror movie fans.
Paramount, I pray you are listening.
All the best

Thank you WILL K for the banner
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Matty P

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Jan 18, 2001
I consider myself a horror fan and thoroughly enjoy the Friday the 13th films. However, I have not purchased any of the available DVDs on the shelves now. If part 7 is released uncut with the involvement of the right people I guarantee it would be my first buy of the series...please Paramount!

Chuck L

Feb 12, 2001
I’m very happy that finally some interest has been shown by Paramount in giving we the fans what we have been asking for nearly a decade, that being an uncut New Blood.
As far as there being two different versions of the film, one released with the theatrical version and a uncut raw version on the same disc followed sometime by a fully-produced unrated version…that is planned double dipping.
I totally agree with what others have said before me, do it right the first time and you won’t have to revisit the title again. Or, with that being done and double dipping is what you are after, let there be some sort of inventive in purchasing the other version, say a ten-dollar credit would be included, via voucher, in the initial release for the updated proper representation of the film.
Paramount is fully aware of the demand for this title and stating that they would want to see how it sales, is to me and many others, a simple cop out. Very easily since you have the producer’s co-operation on this title, you could prepare the theatrical as well as unrated versions COMPLETE on the same disc, with the features that Mr. Bythe has mentioned. It is almost a current standard today to release unrated material on DVD’s as a special feature, simply consider the unrated version of the film as an extra. Or release a two-disc set with the unrated version only on the second disc that why there is a little ‘protection’ for those parents that don’t want there young ones seeing the unrated footage (we are well aware that most cannot use the parental locks on a DVD or in the home even care about what their child will see, but want to bitch about it all later).
As for telling us that we should send our interest in this via the mail, we have done that before and to no avail. Then you turn around and say that is the preferred method of campaigning, but yet, when you asked for an ONLINE poll, it was the second highest total title, but yet little word has been given about those results. What was the importance then of an online poll were the results are kept from those that participated?
When it is coming to these titles in the Friday Series, I see little act of planning on part of the studio or that of the retailer. I just now got of the phone with my local Best Buy to see if they would have tomorrow the DVD’s for Part 5 and 6, they will not be getting them for another two weeks after street date. We have not pre-ordered them online because the past several times we have done so with other titles, there have been delays of up to three weeks on receiving them. The latest issue of Fangoria had in it many ads for horror films this being their issue before October, and not a single mention of the Friday titles being available on DVD.
I do hope that there has been a change of heart in regards to releasing a special unrated version of The New Blood. As being a house that has purchased all the other formats of these titles, including tape, laserdisc and now DVD, we have given a lot of our hard end money to you all. Granted, we choose to do so, but ignoring the motion of doing this film right the first time during its first initial DVD release is simply nothing but greed on the part of Paramount.
I gladly add my name to this petition for the proper release for Friday The 13th Part Seven: The New Blood, with great trepidation that it is going to be another failed attempt at letting Paramount know what they are already well aware of. I also hope that this, if it is truly concerned will knock the socks off of Paramount and that you will revisit the others in the series that have befallen the evil cuttings of the MPAA. Though again this is double dipping, at least that way you would be able to provide something special now, then telling us that you are going to go into our pockets twice MONTHS WAY BEFORE you actually do it.


Sep 18, 2001
I just recieved my copy of Fulci's, "The Beyond Limited Edition Tin"
completely awesome.
Edited to say that I am a dumb ass and clicked on the wrong thread and posted something completely off topic. sorry.
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Jan 9, 2003
Come on Paramount... WB is releasing an SE for the original overseas. Could it possibly be that tough for you to follow suit?

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