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Feb 2, 2008
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Well im looking to build my first home theater setup. Im hoping to get some sugestions and ideas on some of the choices im considering. I have bin doing a lot of reading here on the forum using the search function trying to get a better understanding for what im looking for.

here are the items im considering to get so far:

HK avr 247 receiver
klipsch synergy series quintet III
klipsch 12 inch sub
samsung 67 in led dlp when released

i own a samsung up convert dvd player and a xbox 360
i will be buying a ps3 as my center piece for this setup
the surround sound will mainly be used for movies since i have almost 600 plus dvd mainly asian films

i would love to get some suggestions on receivers and speakers in order to get a great sounding setup im trying to keep each part around $500 dollars a piece. no floor standing speakers so far thats a no go with the wife.


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Jun 20, 2000
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I expect you will get the exact same responses the thousand + others in the same situation, asking the same thing have gotten lately.

Right now, Onkyo, beginning with the SR605, gives the most bang for the buck in receivers. They have been quite popular.

Klipsch is fine. They give good performance for the money and are typically efficient, which can be a big plus.

Go with a sub company for the sub. SVS and HSU are the brands of choice around here. Just search for both brand names and read through the thousands of threads discussing them. Just be aware, they both tend to have rabid fans who are intent on convincing everyone that particular brand is the way to go. Personally, I think HSU gives a bit more raw bang for the buck, but I find their subs to be ugly, so I prefer SVS. The SVS cylinder subs seem to give the most performance for the dollar unless you are looking for the absolute best overall performance, which is out of your stated price range.

Do you really need that big a TV? I find most people spend FAR too much on a TV which is uncomfortably large, then skimp on the audio. Cutting $500-$1000 on the TV and putting that into audio is typically a good move and usually leads to a far more visceral system.

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