Home theater in the basement of my new house.

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    I'm currently in process of modifying blueprints of the new house for my wife and I.
    We are building a ranch house that will have the home theater installed into the great room temporarily while I design and finish of the section of basement I want for the New theater room.
    I'm getting 14 courses high of block on the foundation for a higher that normal ceiling in case I need the room for isolating sound from the rest of the house.
    I want to be able to play the theater at reference levels and effectively isolate sound from the up stairs.
    What methods and materials are available to do this?
    I' going to use a corner of the basement as two of the walls.
    Should I also use concrete block on the other two inside walls to help isolate low bass sound from the rest of the house?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Nov 12, 2000
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    You want to be able to build a room within a room. 2x4 walls will work, and depending on how wide the room is 2x6's for the ceiling.you want to suspend the ceiling of the theater only from the theater walls. you might even want to drywall the floor joists for upstairs before you put the thearer in. That would realy help, if not over kill. You don't want to touch the floor joists. The double the drywall on the inside. Don't forget to stuff everything with fiberglass inslation. This cuts down on resonence. Then anyother rooms adjoining the theater in the basement get a new wall not touching the theater wall to isolate it. Don't forget to address the doors and the heating and cooling. Major sound isolation wasn't as big a deal with me as most but this is what I have picked up as the best way to do it. good luck and my the force be with you... [​IMG]
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