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Aug 11, 2021
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Hey everyone I have a pretty interesting and frustrating problem and am hoping someone on here can help. First here is my setup.

I have a home theater room in my basement and am using an Epson Homelite Cinema 3500 for projection and a Pioneer Elite VSX 32 receiver.

The problem I am having is that after not using the theater room for a few days now the HDMI port on the projector is not working. There are two. I can use RCA or component cable and it works. I did do some research and found that the HDMI ports can go out on the projector and was ready to just buy another projector. However now I have found out that none of my HDMI ports on the AV receiver work either. I have used my usb cable to phone and the receiver works however it just won't pass HDMI signal. I have used multiple different HDMI cables to make sure they are not faulty. Lastly my comcast/xfinity box is not sending HDMI signal either.

My question is this could all of these components have faulty HDMI ports or did something happen that caused this to happen like a power surge or lightening strike? None of the other TVs in my house are having issues also the Apple TV and DVD player in the basement still work, I tested them with a 32 inch monitor.

Any help will be great appreciated I have accepted that I am going to have to buy a new projector and receiver. Thank you.

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