Holy Grails or "lost" episodes questions?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by JamesSmith, Jul 12, 2010.

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    Dear Guys:

    We all have Holy Grails on our "to get" lists, but I wanted to ask why do some lost episodes of some series end up being "lost."

    For example, Nickelodeon did a series call Tak and the Power of Juju about two to three years ago. One of the episodes, "Destiny Schmestiny", the one I believe to be the pilot ended up only being only shown once.

    Right when I was out of town and far away from my programmable VCR.

    Now, the show has been rerun on NickToons, but they've never shown "Destiny Schmestiny" since that inital showing in November 2008.

    Another example, on the Buzz Lightyear animated program, two episodes of the series were pulled when they reran the series on ToonDisney. The segments "SuperNova" and "Conspiracy" again weren't shown as they were on their syndicated runs.

    Don't they know these programs have adult fans, who make up lists of watched and missed episodes like the others on this forum.

    Other lost episodes from series cancelled included: Salvage 1, Spy Games and rarely shown Young Maverick programs.

    Any guesses to why some episodes get "lost" or pulled from their runs?

    Opinions? Thoughts?

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    Tom Hunter
    Lord knows that I would love to have all Young Maverick episodes available!!

    Having several Maverick episodes and all the Bret Maverick episodes, I would love to have these to finish off my Maverick stuff.

    There was a pilot for a spin off for Radar from MASH that was aired only once as far as I know and I would love to have that.

    And, with the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman original series coming out soon, I would love to have the original 6 Million Dollar Man telefilms that spawned the series.
  3. Joe Ming

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    My holy grail is The Mystery of the Chinese Junk, the NBC Hardy Boys pilot that was shown in 1967 and starring Tim Matthieson and Rick Gates as the brothers. Among actors playing their friends were early appearances by Teri Garr and Jan-Michael Vincent. Others in the cast were Richard Anderson as their father and Edward Andrews.
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    You can order "El Hombre Nuclear" from the Amazon.com marketplace.

    It has the 3 telefilms in their original format, plus the first season.

    But at this point, you my want to wait for the announcement of the details

    of the first season release, I can only imagine it's going to have them on it too.
  5. Neil Brock

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    Ah, yes, Young Maverick. One of those was unaired and I am missing that one for the full run.

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