History Channel looks at Wayne's Alamo tonight

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Bill McCamy, Nov 27, 2001.

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    I just caught the last 15 minutes of a very good documentary on "The Alamo" on the history channel. I only mention it here because it will be repeated on the West Coast at midnight.

    I hope this note does someone some good.

    Should have made it clear that I meant midnight of November 28, which has passed.
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    Bill, good thread!

    I just happened to catch this yesterday night.

    I'm an Alamo-holic, I've read every book by every author and have seen just about every movie a dozen times.

    The Historians, sort of knew what they where doing..

    Like always, they underscore the battle of the Alamo (big insult to the citizens of Texas) and made the movie itself seem like an utter "Fantasy" movie..

    They did, however tell of a few mistakes in the movie:

    1. James W Fanin, was NOT killed on his way to the fort, him and his group of 200+ merely retreated because the carts they had carrying their artillery broke.

    2. Santa Anna had no "Big gun".. nope, actually the Texans in the Alamo had the biggest gun in all of Texas, the big 18 pounder!

    Santa Anna had only small mortors and 6 pound cannons

    3. No "Cattle drive" the Texans were FAR from starving.

    4. Santa Anna did not have an army of 7,000 men.. only 5,000 and not all of them were at the Alamo.

    5. No Texans were killed before the final assult, in the movie, many were killed..


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