HH Gregg stores: What brands? Decent prices?

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    Oct 3, 2001
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    I've seen some ads for a new electronics store (HH Gregg) coming to my area and I was wondering if anyone knows what brands they carry in the way of A/V equipment? I guess I'm just wondering whether it's something worth getting excited about...
    Their web site (hhgregg.com) doesn't list anything as far as A/V, just home appliances.
  2. Chuck C

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    Brett, I'm from Solon, and I never heard of HH Gregg until I started school in Southern Ohio (Miami U) last year. About half an hour away from the University is a huge commercial district in greater Cincinnati with all kindsa big-chain stores. They had a closeout on Mission loudspeakers which I picked up cheap (they no longer carry Mission) and a JBL S-Center. Harman/Kardon and Onkyo are their top receivers, and in one of their showrooms, they had an Onkyo 989 set up..Circuit City, eat your heart out. In fact I'd say HH is closer to CC choice electronics that Best Buy.
    In the Video Department, you'll see Mitsubishi RPTVs all over the place. I can't remeber if they carry the full line of Sony Wegas.
    Other Brands include Tech Craft furniture, Samsung, Sharp, Bose, Acoustic Research, Kenwood, Whirlpool, Pioneer?, maybe Hitachi, Toshiba and JVC.
    What offsets HH from CC and BB is their "supposedly" trained, friendly staff. They're dressed in suits and take your order from computers strategically placed around the store--no cash registers near the entrance.
    I've had my share of experiences at HH. The first few times were great....very helpful. However, I've bought two damaged items, 1) a TV stand w/ broken glass and an A/C with a huge dent on the top. I never returned those items, but it sure was frustrating...I wish you could see the boxes before hand, but instead you give the receipt to customer staff, and a punk kid grabs one from the back.
    I think HH has days when prices are slashed down to wholesale. They also have a huge open item section ranging from cd players to big screen TVs.
    My brother went to the one that just opened in Randall and said he had a bad experience...bottom line: check it out for yourself.
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    I like shopping at Gregg's. In general, a very similar mix to Circuit City. Gregg's carries Toshiba which CC doesn't. And CC carries Velodyne & Polk, which Gregg's doesn't.
    But for audio, the Onkyo, Technics, Sony and Pioneer lines are almost identical. Bose (not recommending just noting), JBL and Infinity are carried by both. And they both seem to carry the same lines of PCs and telephone type stuff.
    One difference for me is that I have found that the price at Gregg's is somewhat negotiable. I try to use the same salesperson as much as possible to make the bartering process easier (he knows I'll always ask for "a deal" and that I'm cheap!) But I've never had much luck at CC talking them down at all.
    If I'm in the market for something that both CC and Greggs carries, I usually go to CC first and Greggs last. I can usually beat the CC price a bit.
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    I'm from IN, so I'm familir with HH Gregg. Since I agree with the positive statements made, I'll throw in a warning I didn't notice: The salespeople are on comission, and with it comes potential problems. Less than forthright salespeople can mislead you about pricing, availability, and credit options. I've no reason to think this is common, but I've seen it.
  5. Mike Burke

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    Mar 12, 2001
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    We have one really close to me here in Dublin and I will say this: MENTAL MIDGETS!! In my dealings with these "Mass-Marketing" stores I will rate their knowledge this way based on experiences #1 Circuit City #2 Best Buy #3 Mrs. Smith's 3rd grade class #4 My dead grandmother #5 HH Gregg!
    I consider myself extremely knowledgable when it comes to lo-mid fi products and on more then 1 occassion the salesrep has had to get a Mgr. to answer my specific questions and I was not pulling things out of my butt to stump the guy but they should know the difference between COMPOSITE vs. COMPONENT video cables and then NOT argue to point when they were wrong! MENTAL MIDGETS!!!!!!!
  6. Bobby T

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    Mar 13, 2001
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    A couple of years back a salesman at a HH Gregg Store told me not to worry about getting a receiver with DTS decoding because DTS was unpopular and would soon be out of business. The same salesman also told me Toshiba was making their DVD players with dual disc in mind because all DVD movies were going to be split into 2 discs to improve picture and sound quality.
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