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Jun 30, 1997
Hey all,

I haven't been here in years. I've been into car audio lately as far as toys.

My younger friend is about to get his own place and is shopping on a budget. He has no idea what a good HT is supposed to sound like.

He knows that I have some knowledge, so I agreed to help out.

His budget is rather piddly. Less than 2-grand cash and 1-grand credit.

I started shopping for the most important thing first and ended up getting a possible bonus item.

I found a local seller of this system:

Mains: Infinity Alpha 50 Towers
Center: Infinity Alpha 37c
Surrounds: Alpha 25es (selectable monopole/dipole/tripole)
Sub: Infinity Alpha 1200S
Receiver: Yamaha RX-V730

All as a package for $1,200.00 even and I *MIGHT* be able to talk this guy down to $1,150.00.

I'm currently looking for deals on the PS3 and an LCD HD big screen. The PS3 can be used but he wants the LCD to be new or damn near new.

The budget constraints this kid put me under is more than any avid home theater hobbyist can bare. I'm pissed off I didn't find this deal for myself. >:frowning:

I have had a hard time convincing my friend to buy this system blind. I talked my friend into auditioning at this guy's house first. I'm shocked the seller didn't hang up on me for bargaining down to an insane price and then asking for an audition. THE AUDACITY! I was pushing it. The guy is a former home theater dealer and knows it's a good system. I think he's only selling it to me because I actually appreciate the goods the way he does, so that's got me a fair ways into landing the deal.

So, what do you guys think? Should my friend do this deal? The speakers are mint. The Yamaha receiver's remote is lost though, other than that it's in good shape.

Does anybody here think I can get a better deal?


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May 5, 1999
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Seems like a good deal on the audio side...but getting an LCD big screen with the remaining $800 in the budget of available cash (I wouldn't want to spend someone else’s credit for them...)

Would he consider a projector?

This one comes in at $799.00, so you would still be within budget...

Mitsubishi HC1500 Projector

of course, you would still have to get a screen...or make one.

Could get a 100" pull down for $99.47 here:
Amazon.com: Elite M100UWH 100" Pull-Down Screen (Black Frame): Electronics

Or make a custom one...instructions here (cost of $35.00 for material)
How-To: Make a custom projector screen - Engadget

At a 10' HDMI cable to connect it for $8.00 here:
Newegg.com - VIGOR 10 ft. HDMI M/M Cable Model HV-21010 - Cables

He would have an actual theater, with the sound system you put together. Adding the PS3 would give you a blue ray player, upconverting DVDs, and give you great games to boot....all out of 1 box.

You might end up spending some more time with your friend....

Also, you should be able to get a programmable remote and get the codes for the receiver, so not having a remote would not be a deal breaker...but you can use it as leverage to get your extra $50.00 off of the price...

In case you were wondering, I've got all of this data because I am making a similar project off of a room attached to the garage - which is why I have all of these links handy...


Jun 30, 1997
I found an option for the big screen but won't post it until it's been bought. It's a good deal for a 56" screen but not LCD.

troy evans

Jul 2, 2005
He has less than $2000 cash, how much less? He still has a $1000 in credit. Are we talking $1500 to $1800 after the initial $1200 on the audio? If that's the case he may have more than a few options for that display device.


Jun 30, 1997

It's like $1800 cash. $1,000 credit. That's $2800 to buy receiver, speakers, sub, PS3 & big screen.

I have already figured out a plan for him. He's going to buy the audio system. The speakers are mint but the Yamaha receiver is missing it's remote and has a few cosmetic scratches but still sounds good.

That's $1200 for Receiver, speakers & sub.

I figured out a deal for $1375 for a big screen.

That's $2575. Bare enough left over for a $300 PS3 if he throws in a bit more of his own cash.

That's the best I can do. When he buys the big screen I will post more about it. Right now I don't want anyone stealing the deals I find. Quantities at those low prices are limited.

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