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Help with 27" with $300 budget (1 Viewer)

Donovan M

Jun 20, 2003
I am trying to find a 27" television from Circuit City with only a $300 budget. I have to get it from CC and at this budget. This is for a second room (and second HT), where the primary use will be for my Xbox with some television watching with DirecTV. I plan to use component cables for the Xbox and S-video for the satellite. I'm primarily concerned with getting the best picture I can afford - other features aren't as important.

Right now I've been looking at the Phillips "Real Flat" television (model #27PT6442), which is a new model. If anyone is familiar with this model and/or the brand, please give me your feedback. I must admit that I have gotten somewhat fixated on this model due to the flat screen and the picture looks pretty good to me, but I am open to any other suggestions and opinions.

Bill Will

Dec 26, 2001
If it was me & you had to have it right now, I would fight like hell with them & see if I could get the Panasonic or Sony near that price. In my area I've seen the Sony FS100 for as low as $299 & the Panasonic at $289 You might also want to find out when the new 27" Flat Tube JVC's will be in. As for choices, the Philips would not be at the top of my list but who knows you might want to give it a shot because they will always take it back. Try pushing them on the Sony FS100 because it's a discontinued model & you might luck out especially on the 4th of July weekend!

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