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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Randy Traylor, Jul 25, 2012.

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    Hi all:
    A few years back we had one of these all in one surround sound packages, and it kicked the bucket. The speakers I had were good enough for us, so I purchased an Onkyo Receiver TX-SR508 that has done a fine job for us. The problem was that the subwoofer that came with the original set of speakers was not powered. So I rigged together a powered unit using this piece:
    I was able to hook it up and got it to work. That is until now. We moved this summer and my son unhooked the sub from the unit and now I am unsure how to hook it back up. Instructions from the reciver read the following:
    "Using a suitable cable, connect the AV receiver’s SUBWOOFER PRE OUT jack to an input on your powered subwoofer, as shown. If your subwoofer is unpowered and you’re using an external amplifier, connect the SUBWOOFER PRE OUT jack to an input on the amp."
    The pre out on the receiver is similar to an individual RCA jack, but then looking at the amp itself, (see image from link above) it has a low level input that is a Stereo left & right RCA Jack, or a high level in/out marked "from amplifier to speakers".
    I am pretty sure I had it hooked up coming from the individual pre out into the right low level input, but I am wanting some feedback as I do not want to mess up any of the circuitry on either unit.
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    It doesn't matter if you use the left or right input. Some of us use a "Y" adapter, and connect to both, but it's not necessary.

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