Help me set up my Panamax 5100

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by tom_furman, Jul 31, 2002.

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    She should be here and minute now and I want to make 100% sure I know how to set up my system. I have:

    1 Sony receiver for movies
    1 Sony receiver for my bass shakers
    1 Sony 5 cd changer
    1 Toshiba DVD player
    1 Sony VCR
    1 Toshiba TV
    1 Infinity sub

    The 5100 has 4 outlets always ON, 4 delayed, and two high current.

    Obviously the sub goes to a high current outlet, but which is best for the rest?
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    reminds me of the joke about the newly-married nerd who asked: "What do I do on my wedding night?" and was told "Take the biggest thing you've got and put it where she pees." So that night he brings his bowling ball into the room and dumps it in the toilet.
    Plug your biggest amps into the "high-current", the Sony and sub if its power cord reaches.
    VCR requires Always On
    Toshiba tv - always on in case there's a low-level memory board.
    For the time being, switch off the Delayed bank's function and use this bank for DVDp, CDp, and bass shaker amp.
    Now you are good to go while figuring if you really need Delayed Power-Up and any 12V Trigger option. Until you add monoblock amps or a separate power amp, I think you'll be fine as above.
    I hope a real Panamax owner responds to keep me honest.

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