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Help Me Choose My HT Speakers, PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Jim Shaver, Dec 28, 2001.

  1. Jim Shaver

    Jim Shaver Auditioning

    Dec 26, 2001
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    Hi to you all,
    This is my first post on your forum and I'd like to say that I have learned so much in the month I have been lurking.
    I am building a HT in my home; I have purchased all my components except the speakers. Currently my system is composed of a Denon 3802 receiver, a Denon 1800 DVD/CD player, a Sony 32" Trinitron (for now), a typical Sony VCR and so on.
    I am at a crossroads with speakers, Oh Man is this tough or what?! I have some size limitations for the speakers in that the 4 front and backs for the system must be ceiling mounted (basement installation with 78" overhead clearance).
    The following combinations have been of interest to me, but I need more opinions that those that I have received from sales guys. My listen patterns are about 70% music and 30% Movies.
    · Choice One, Klipsch Quintet's with the KSW10 sub. Some here have been really Down on these but I can't tell just what they are all about.
    · Choice Two, Energy 5.2's
    · Choice Three Energy Encores
    · Choice Four, Paradigms, 4 mini monitors, a cc370 centre with the PS 1000 sub
    · Choice Five, Klipsch, 4 SB-1's with the SC-5 Centre and KSW10 sub
    · Choice Six, B&W 4 DM 303's, LCR3 centre and the ASW 1000 Sub
    · Choice Seven, Paradigm 4 Studio 20's, Studio Centre and PS 1000 Sub.
    I realize the price points vary here, the range is about $800 Canadian from top to bottom but I want to do this once and get real quality.
    I do own a set of B&W 200's from some 12 years ago that still are wonderful today, so I'm leaning towards the B&W's, but I am all ears with your here to help me, PLEASE!!!
    Take Care,
  2. Michael Mathius

    Michael Mathius Screenwriter

    Nov 12, 2000
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    Hi Jim:
    I have both the energy 3802 and Energy Encores which suprises anyone who come to my home to audition my hometheater. [​IMG] They are simply blown away at the quality of sound coming from that setup. Although the Take 5's are great budget speakers, the Encores really are worth the extra dollars especially since you are going to get the 3802. IMHO.
    If it's at all possible I suggest that you try to audition the speakers in your home. Get the setup you can most afford. Don't settle for less, cause you will be looking to upgrade very soon.
    Maybe not, cause the upgrade bug WILL hit you soon after you get your purchases home[​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Paul_Dunlop

    Paul_Dunlop Second Unit

    Nov 28, 2001
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    I would add another set of speakers to your list
    Energy XL Line - it's a level up from Encore and 2 up from the Take 5
    Mains - XL 16's - $350.00
    Center - XL C - $250.00 or XL C2 - $350.00
    Surrounds - XL 15's $249.00 or XL 16's
    I think this is a fair comparison to your Paradigm option which is also above the Energy Encore and Take 5
    Have fun with your auditions

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