Hearing Issues???

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    Reciently If I listen to Movies or Music, after a while my ears start getting a strange tingleingitching sensation after listening 20+ mins and a hour, it is a really anoying, I Love the sound my Mission Speakers put out but I find this problem frustraiting(sp), this even happens if the volume is low.
    My Bedroom is small 10.5 ft x 10.5 ft x 7 ft, so I have my speakers quite far out in my room to avoid the speaker to boom. speakers are approx 2-3/4 ft into the room.
    This problem has only started approx in the last two weeks.
    Does anyone experienced this(or any other hearing issues) at all with there MusicHT systems.
    Can I clean my ears somehow?, or shall I go to a eardoctor or something???
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    This sounds a little like listener fatigue. Are your speakers considered to have a "bright" quality?
    Have you changed your amp or any of your source components recently?
    If it concerns you, then you probably should consult a doctor. If it's listener fatigue, then you'll get all sorts of good advice here. But if it's your ears, then the best place to go for help or advice is a doctor.

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