HDTV setup procedures?

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  1. Navid

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    Aug 21, 2002
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    Ok, I decided to go with the Mitsubishi WS-65411 Gold Plus TV.

    Ultimate Electronics does their own delivery service.. Thank god.

    After we get the TV all setup and positioned, should I wait like an hour for it to warm up after turning it on before I start configuring/tweaking it and messing with the convergence, etc...??? Why have I heard/read this? and what is that good for?

    What are the best or recommended procedures for intitially dealing with a brand new out of box RPTV?

    What else should I make sure of... Is there any advice or tips anyone might have in order to ensure a very smooth initial settle in??

  2. Mark Fitzsimmons

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    Aug 18, 2001
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    Initially, calibrate it using Avia or Video Essentials.

    If you dont have either disk, try the THX optimode to hold you by.

    If this still doesn't apply, turn the brightness and contrast down.

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