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    Hey All,

    I tried searching for my answer but couldn't find one. I think my question is simple. I am about to purchase an Onkyo TX-SR505. This receiver has an HDMI Passthrough. After downloading the manual I am even more confused. I am wondering if I can just use the HDMI output directly to my TV for all video sources even if they are not HDMI.

    For example, my DVD player has component outputs but no HDMI. Can I plug my DVD player into the Component input on the receiver and then will the receiver still use the HDMI output for the video signal? I want to have everything switch through the receiver so I don't have to change inputs on my TV. Does HDMI Passthrough accomplish this or do I need to look at something else?

    **EDIT**: I found the answer I was looking for. Apparently I was looking for an HDMI Upconversion or Transcoding feature instead of passthrough.
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    This model does not support video up converstion. you need to go to model TX-sr605...

    Look at the tx-sr605 manual page 24... it explains the video up converstion that you are looking for... it receiver converts everything to hdmi for the video out no matter what you throw at the input..

    the 505 only passes through what you put in..

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