Halloween3 BD (my mini review)

Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Paul_Warren, Sep 17, 2012.

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    Paul Warren
    Finally got around to watching mine last night had it over a week now even though I live in England.
    Picture is superb. Lots of background detail with minimal DNR. The faces lack a little detail in a few shots but in others show too much detail & the makeup applied! but it looks more like the movie was shot that way (I was not old enough to see this in the theatres in 1982!). There is no DNR grain I could detect but lots of amazing texture detail like doors, fabrics, wallpaper, curtains etc etc. In several scenes I felt as though I was time warped back to 1982 & pulled into the movie via how good the image was. It has a small amount of moving grain in most scenes but no print damage or dirt I could see. The colour is also well presented & overall I would rate this quite highly as one of the best looking 1980's horror catalog releases on BD. Not sure if Universal handled the transfer (no logo at the end of the credits) on this one or The Shout Factory did their own thing but whoever supervised this deserves a lot of credit & it goes without saying its the best the movie has ever looked at home :D
    Audio is only DTS 2.0/Dolby Digital 2.0 but thats ok its the original soundtrack & is what it is. Dialogue is very clear & the John Carpenter/Alan Howarth soundrack is well mixed.
    There are several extras here as well. 2 recent making of features which are almost an hour long plus several trailers & movie stills & finally 2 audio commentaries. Its approx 43GB of data & Region A locked so you need either a multiregion player or PC with software to play this outside Region A.
    The case cover is reversible between the slipcase & the original red cover pictured above its a small touch but why do other studios not do the same (additional cost I guess!).
    Shout factory have done a superb job here if your a fan of 1980s horror movies or the Halloween series this is one of the best entries & looks very good indeed :)
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    Good to hear another positive review of this disc.
    Amazon isn't getting my copy to me until Thursday but I have a number of titles I want to catch up on before I get into Halloween II and III anyway.
    "8 more days till Hallowen, Halloween, Halloween..."
  3. Reed Grele

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    Reed Grele
    I've always thought that Dan O'Herlihy gave a wonderful performance as Conal Cochran. Gave me the creeps, then and now.
    Glad to hear that it's a good transfer. Will be ordering from Amazon shortly....
    .... Oh.... And.... Happy Halloween.
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    jason stocker
    It looks great, but I have one minor nitpick. There's something odd about the disc. When you hit play, it starts up right on the Universal Logo. There's no fade in, like the first two or three seconds at the beginning are missing. And all of the chapter stops come about a second and a half before the scene starts. Has anyone else noticed this or do I have a defective copy?
  5. Mark Walker

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    Thanks for the review Paul!
    I can now feel good about ordering it!

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