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    I am getting a new discontiued Elite 520 next week and want to upgrade the cables.

    I presenlty have all 1 meter cable and is tough to work with. I was going to choose 4 foot cable but noticed only a $5.00 difference (in price) bumping up to 8 foot cable on the jandr website. I doubt it will have any effects, but are there any adverse effects going with a longer cable?

    Also, I have found Monster THX100 for a good price, I think.
    I can get the following for $220.00:

    16 ft sub cable
    10 ft component cable for ps2
    10ft optical cable for ps2
    8 ft composite for satelitte
    8 ft s video (2) for satelitte and monitor out
    8 ft component cable for dvd
    8 ft coax for dvd

    I think this price seems fair for the contents. What do you think?
  2. Stephen Hopkins

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    Jul 19, 2002
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    Monster makes good cables, but they're terribly over priced. You may want to give a look to the NXG Sapphire series cables. They're of the same quality as the mid-grade monster and acoustic research stuff at a fraction of the cost. They have metal barrel connectors and rg-6 cable for all cables. I use the cheaper NXG stuff which is similar to the THX monster and performance series ar stuff, and i'm very happy with it. If i do another cable upgrade (maybe for video only) i'll probably go with the NXG Sapphire. You could probably get all the cables you need in NXG Sapphire on-line for less than $125, and it would be better quality than the THX monster. You could probably get the regular NXG stuff for around $75 on-line and be of the same quality as the THX monster stuff.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]
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    Jul 15, 2000
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    Hi Mark,
    Check out for their Acoustic Research Pro cables. Rat Shack Gold Series are also well made for inexpensive cables. In both cases, they should wind up costing less than equivalent Monster cables and perform at least equally (I'm not sure where the THX100 series falls in Monster's lineup, but they can't be their fancier cables given your total cable set cost figure).
    For your component cables, you might find some benefit from stepping up a level in quality--if your display is big enough.
    Here's some past threads that might help out:
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