Good Deal on Mitsubishi Platinum Plus??

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    Hello All,

    Forgive me for not doing as much research as I'd like, but I have an opportunity for a limited time... BTW, this forum has been fantastic for choosing my receiver & sub. Now, I'm beginning to look at RPTV.

    I can purchase a Mitsubishi WS-65819 for $2,999 or a WS-55819 for $2,599. Both come with a 5 year GE warrantee.

    I watch from 9-11 feet away. Although my goal is great DVD movies, I watch a lot of analog. Although the 65 inch Platinum Plus wasn't connected, I found all of the other 65 inchers I watched from 9-11 feet away didn't seem as sharpe as 55".

    1ST QUESTION: At 9-11 feet, which size would you recommed?

    2ND QUESTION: Do these seem like a good deal? Since I've just spent $$$ on sub and receiver, I'd prefer to wait 6 - 12 months for new TV.

    3RD QUESTION: The big one... In this price range, are there other 16:9 TV's in the 55-65 inch range that you would prefer over the Mitsu Platinum Plus?


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    I would say a 65" is too big for you. Remember to measure
    the distance from the screen to your eyeballs, as these sets are about 29" deep.
    The prices you were quoted are are OK, (about the same here in Chicago) but I'm sure that in 6-12 months they will probably be lower.
    Have you looked at the new HD ready sets from Sharp? The 55" is about $2600 and the 61" is about $3299. Very nice picture quality and competitively priced. I understand that the line doubler is the same one used on the Pioneer Elite sets.
    I was all set for the Mits, but now I'm wondering if I'd be happier with the Sharp. ALso, the Sharp has a two year warranty and doesn't have the red push problems that the Mits has. Check out for a wealth of info.
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    Leon, I currently looking at the same sets and will be sitting approx. 10-11 feet away. I've been advised to get the 55" instead of the 65"; despite my desire for the largest screen possible. I thought I'd start with the smaller set, and swap out if it still felt too small. (I've been warned about the headache, too.)

    Those quotes are $500 better than the quotes I received. If you wait, the prices will probably drop...or the sets will be discontinued or sell out. (I waited 6 months for a Pioneer's price to drop at BestBuy, and when it finally went on sale, I was advised they were sold out and wouldn't be getting any more in.)

    At this point, because of all the DVI/firewire controversy, I'd pick a Mitsubishi for it's "upgrade guarantee" -- although it's been debated how they'll handle that. To my knowledge, no other sets have a similar "guarantee" so that's reason enough to consider them.

    Be cautious about purchasing a Sharp HD-ready set. Consumer Reports (Mar02) rates them last out of 15. The Mits PlatinumPlus sets were not included in the survey.

    Good luck!

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