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    Was anyone else shocked at the clip from "24" the Golden Globe producers decided to run? They chose the clip from the first episode where Jack shoots a guy point blank and then proceeds to ask for a hacksaw (strong implication that it's to be used to cut the guys head off).

    The clip is very intense and has (if my memory doesn't deceive me) a shot of the bullet hitting the man (at least it's edited in a way to stronbgly suggest we are seeing this).

    I'm not for censorship in any way, but I do advocate good judgment, and IMO it's not good judgment to show this clip at an awards show like this. When it's in "24" we know what to expect, and they also precede it with warnings of graphic violence, plus it's needed to build the mood and tension. Here's it's not necessary for that.

    Yet, they edited out the word "ass" in the clip directly following the "24" clip, which was a scene from "The Shield". I don't have a problem with that, because this is an awards show and the word is not needed in this context.

    I wonder though how the producers can be so hypocritical and leave the violence in, but edit out a rather mild swearword. IMO, they should have done it the other way, or prferrably chosen different scenes to showcase the actors, scenes that didn't involve violence or objectionable language.

    Anyone agree?
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    If you don't know the episode, I'm not sure you would guess it's the head he wants to hack off. There are other (slightly) less gruesome options.

    But given the success of The Shield, edgy and intense is the place to be.

    The language editing is probably done at the network level, with Standards&Practices (or whatever it is nowadays).


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