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May 30, 2000
well on sunday i went to target at 11am (opened at 8am) and they were sold out in my area. didn't bother checking anywhere else b/c i only had a target credit card at my disposal. although i must say that i really don't care that much b/c no game on the GC has really screamed "buy me". If only they released a mario game and made a better version of waverace (im gettin mixed reports about how good this game is) then would i have gotten up early in the morning to go buy the system.


Jun 1, 2000
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I woke up LATE (tried to see more meteors last night...only a few) and trotted over to Circuit City at 11:15am. Went to the game department and there were people waiting for the (clueless) woman at the register to determine if something was in stock. Asked someone else if they had GC's and he directed me to Customer Service. One left. Black. Snag. As I was paying for it, the people on line from the game department migrated to where I was. Turns out they were looking for the GC. YEAH, BABY! They were pretty pissed off at me. Oh well.

Haven't hooked it up yet. This time of day, the sun shines RIGHT on the TV, so it's relly not going to be fun playing now. I have the whole week off from work so I'll play tomorrow.


Joel Mack

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Jun 29, 1999
To anyone looking in the Omaha area:
MegaMart must have had close to 300 of them (split fairly evenly between Jet and Indigo) at about 12pm on Monday.

Rusty Ray

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Jun 26, 1999
The walmart i went to only received 6 (3of ea) and they had recieved 3 xboxes... I waited at 330pm on sat until 6 when they gave out the tickets and was #2.. Then came back at midnight and picked it up.. didnt get any games since this is my xmas gift and i cant even play it yet... :frowning: but i plan on getting luigi, starwars, waverace and maybe monkeyball...

Joseph Young

Oct 30, 2001
I am old-fashioned when it comes to buying 'hot items.' I enjoy the thrill of seeking something out, rather than being just another number processed on a prebuy list at EB.
Illogical, I know. Makes no sense.
But I enjoy the pleasure in seeking - and then finding - at item at my own leisure. Living in the Bay Area makes this next to impossible near launch day. So I will wait a while before even considering a Cube. Interesting.. I hear that on Sunday morning, there were cubes available for a short time, but all the copies of Rogue Leader had sold out beforehand... hm...
Sometimes certain B&M software employees remind me of Jack Black in High Fidelity:
"What? You didn't pre-order? Haha, well, good luck, my man! You gotta preorder, you imbucile!"


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Feb 27, 2001
Went to Circuit City last night they had 8 Indigos and 4 Blacks, tons of memory cards, two indigo controllers, 1 copy of RS2, 4 copies of Luigis Mansion, and 3 copies of NHL Hitz.

For Xbox they had a lot of the HD/AV pack, games, and 1 MadCatz Controller...that was it.


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Nov 1, 1998
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Because my girldfriend and I had planned an all-day Sunday thing, I wasn't able to get to the stores on launch day for two GC's (one for me, one as an XMas present).

On Monday, I called all the electronics and VG stores in the area. All sold out. None could confirm when they were going to get new stock. Now I'm kind of sweating, as I promised this thing as a gift and I am a big Nintendo fan, so I want one right now.

So I stop by this crappy mall in Jersey City on 440 hoping that consumers overlooked this mall. And then I walked into a PC Richards, thinking, "who's going to look for a Gamecube at PC Richards?"

Well, they had six, two black (which I scooped up). The salesperson was nice enough to give me discounts on all the games (which only amounted to matching TRU), but shaved $5 off the controller (which was nice) and $1 off the mem card (nothing to sneeze at). Plus, they allowed me to buy two and I put it all on a PC Richards card that gave me no interest for a year. All in all, the best deal I could get, really.

Moved to TRU for Super Monkey Ball, and found out they had, like, 50 GCN's in stock. Still, I'm glad I went to PCR first.

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