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Future plans on selling Pioneer VSX-39TX and DV-37 for $1,000 (1 Viewer)

Evelio Figueroa

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Feb 11, 2000
I decided to post my plans for selling the Pioneer ELITE VSX-39TX receiver and my DV-37 DVD player for $1,000 plus shipping and handling for Jan 2002 (Thats $1,000 for both, not each. You MUST purchase both.)
I still have all the original boxes. The condition on both components are in great order. Right now everything is in storage and I don't have immediate access to them. The remote for the 39TX is with me so I can keep fresh batteries in it. Why? I need to have the VSX-49TX in hand to transfer a few remote commands from the 39TX's remote to the 49TX's remote before I send it off.
I plan on upgrading to the VSX-49TX but I must wait until I close on my new house Jan 2nd, 2002. (I can't make any big purchases until then.)
So, if anyone is interested in buying these 2 components later on, or if you have questions, e-mail me. Just save your cash until Jan 2002.
This is my very 1st time selling something on the internet. I don't want to mess with e-bay or any other auction site.
Thank you for your time
[email protected]

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