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FS: Marantz SR 8000 surround receiver (1 Viewer)

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001
Awesome sound quality. If you don't need anything more than 5.1, this receiver is one sweet sounding beast.

Marantz SR 8000

• Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound decoding, plus Dolby Pro
Logic decoding and a variety of additional surround modes.
• 96 kHz/ 24 bit decoding for highest possible fidelity and
bandwidth, and high-resolution playback of 96 kHz/ 24 bit PCM
audio sources.
• 100 watts to each of the five main channels; the power amp section
features an advanced, premium high-storage power supply
capacitors, and fully discrete output stages housed in cast
aluminum heat sinks .
• High Definition Amplifier Module (HDAM) discrete pre-amp output
• 5.1 channel pre-amp outputs for connection to external
components such as a subwoofer and external power amplifiers.
• Six-channel direct inputs accommodate future surround sound
formats or an external digital decoder.
• 6 Digital inputs, for connection to other sources, such as DVD,
DSS, CD or LD.
• 2 Digital outputs for connection to CD-R or MD.
• High-quality AM/FM tuner with 50 station presets.
• Source Direct switch bypasses, tone controls and bass
mangagement for purest audio quality.
• S-video and composite video switching .
• On- Screen- Display with both Composite and “S” video.
• Front panel A/V inputs, with S-video .
• Easy to use, on-screen menu.
• Multi-room capability offers independent control of a second room
audio and video system.
• Comes with RC2000 Mark II Programmable Learning Remote Control.

Dimension (MAX)
Width - 18 inches (458 mm)
Height - 6-1/4 inches (159 mm)
Depth - 18-1/8 inches (460 mm)
Weight - 33.1 lbs (15.0 Kg)

Also of note:
copper shielding
gold plated rca jacks
Cinema Re-EQ
Night mode
Original owners manual

Unit has a few scratches on the sides from being removed from an audio rack, but they aren't noticable when in a stereo stand or just not visible from a few feet away.

Asking $450 CDN or best offer in equivalent UDD .. plus shipping.

Brett Loomis

Stunt Coordinator
May 9, 2001
Awesome unit.... I have owned my SR8000 since 2001 and it is a workhorse and has an awesome amplifier and tuner. Someone will be very happy with this. Good luck.

Chris PC

Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2001

They were happy. The Marantz SR8000 is somewhat regretfully SOLD. This guy came over with his friend to demo and brought his bookshelf speakers. Both with his athena's and with my PSB Image T65's..the Marantz did not disappoint. Thankfully I have a nice SR14EX which has replaced it. :)

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