FS: IBM Thinkpad laptop - comes with warranty

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    IBM Thinkpad 390x 2626-FOU Celeron-400 (CPU upgradeable)
    320mb RAM (64mb + 256mb NEW Crucial)
    1.44 fdd/CD-ROM combo
    12.1" screen (screen has a very light scratch on it that isn't noticable whatsoever when the unit is on. Just noting for picky people).
    20gb hdd (Toshiba - NEW)
    Onboard sound, serial, parallel, USB, 56k modem
    2 PCMCIA slots

    -Comes with AC adapter but needs a battery. Lion or NimH are readily available on ebay for reasonable prices.

    -No OS is included. Runs 98, 2k, Linux, and XP perfectly.

    This is a solid, solid notebook. I've owned 2 in the past (gave away to family members) and have had no problems whatsoever. You can upgrade the CPU in this up to P3-500 (CPUs are readily available on ebay, they're easy to install, and I'm available for assistance. Takes about 10 mins to install). You can also remove the cd-rom/fdd and plug an extra battery into that bay. That way you can get 2 batteries for extended running time.

    I'm so confident in this unit that I will fully warranty it for 30 days (except against drops).

    Can also throw in an 802.11b Linksys PCMCIA for +$25. Prince on the laptop is $350, which includes UPS Ground or Fedex Ground shipping. Payment by paypal is accepted.

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    I am interested in the 802.11b Linksys PCMCIA. If you are willing to sell it separately, please let me know.
    [email protected]

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