FS: Laptop - Celeron 400 | 320mb RAM | 20gb HDD - upgradeable

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    Okay, I bought a Thinkpad 390x 2626-FOU laptop. I had this one before; it's a very reliable laptop and it's upgradeable (more on that later).

    Here are the current specs:

    320mb RAM (just added brand new Crucial 256mb - have receipt) - can go as high as 512
    20gb Toshiba hdd (just added - brand new - still have receipt)
    12.1 screen
    1.44 fdd/cd-rom combo (this can be changed to fdd/dvd combo)
    Integrated modem
    2 pcmcia
    serial, parallel, 1 usb, infared
    Power adapter

    I bought it w/o battery and haven't bought one yet, so it needs one - takes lion or nimh.

    I've been running Windows 2000 Pro on it - the machine is 100% solid and stable. I've run various memory tests and everything is A-OK. I've also tested RedHat Linux on it - finds all drivers right away. Modem is supported using driver from linmodems.org

    The motherboard IBM uses in the 390x was designed for Celeron, PII, and PIII MMC-2 modules. This particular motherboard can go up to at least a PIII-500. I had this exact laptop before and I upgraded it from a Celeron-400 to a PIII-500. You can buy PIII-500 MMC-2 modules on ebay for pretty cheap now too.

    Asking $400 SHIPPED or BO - UPS Ground with insurance!

    Wanted to keep it but I'm low on cash right now. There is a tiny - I mean TINY, scratch on the LCD. It's not even noticable unless you are really looking for it. Once the unit it powered on and the screen is bright you cannot notice it even if you are looking for it. There are also a few light scratches on the outside plastic - nothing deep.

    No OS is included.

    I'd be happy to assist anyone needing help installing the MMC-2 module (I'm a computer tech.).
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