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    I am building three flexy-like racks soon (actually built one, a printer/scanner stand, today, out of ends left over from milling and some 1/2" threaded rods I already had). The one I have questions about is the CD rack I plan to build.
    I'm using 6' sections of bull-nosed, 12" deep MDF. I have 5/8" all-thread, and I plan to space then 2" off center, somewhat set in from the edges, but close enough to support the CD jewel case. I also plan to drill a series of notches in the shelves, in which I will place a peg, just in case the CDs don't quite fill the shelf.
    My plan is two rods on the end, two in the middle and two at the end. 6' rods, 8 shelves. Should hold about 1500 - 2000 CDs.
    My first worry, of course, is tipover. Does this seem way too high for this much weight? Would it help to use a much wider, say 18 - 24" bottom shelf, so if it tried to tip forward, it simply couldn't?
    I do plan to wire the unit to the wall...it's *never* going to be moved until I sell this house! That should prevent any severe accidents, yes?
    I know this is is a rather unwieldy size, but I can't find a CD rack that holds more than 1000 CDs, and we already have 1200. Not to mention the bigger racks cost a billion and a half dollars!
    So, flexy experts, does my plan hold water? Any problems or suggestions you can see?
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    With 12" deep MDF, tip over won't be a problem. The unit will be stable due to it's own weight being evenly distributed on the all-thread.
    I've got a big fley that I didn't even end up wiring to the wall. You can see it on my website. Click the green house.

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