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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Chuck_Travels, Mar 23, 2006.

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    OK...I didn't have a large budget to start with for my first HT system. With only $1,000 I set out to replace what we were using for surround and that was a Pioneer piece of junk that was about 15 years old. The TV was not in my thoughts as I started working on this project. I have a 32" Magnavox that works just fine.
    I was able to aquire a Yamaha RX-V450 from Ebay for only $200 including the shipping. This was a new old stock, in the box with all the goodies. Consumer Reports tested the Yamaha against the Denon and Onkyo of equal features and specs. Yamaha was a better buy.
    I was able to purchase Infinity Primus series speakers at a good price. 360's for the front, C-25 for the center and 160's for the rear surround.
    I was able to secure a somewhat descent sub for only $60. It's an Advent ASW-12 and sounds pretty good. Don't laugh too much. I was on a budget right before Christmas and this was to be a stand in until I could afford something better.
    The DVD is made by Proscan and was given as a present a few years back. It plays DVDs and CDs ok, but not CDRWs or SACDs.
    I only have a little less than $1,000 in the whole system less the TV. I'm looking for a little advice to upgrade a little at a time and not kill me with huge costs. I'm not afraid of spending a little money at a time and having the equipment sit on a shelf as I aquire the needed pieces until I have a quality set-up. I'd like to keep the budget to a number between $3,000 and $4,000 less the TV/Monitor. I'll wait for the LCD, HDTV, Plasma prices to settle down a little.
    I'm not afraid of spending money for quality. I have a nice little set-up for music in another room consisting of a pair of Mcintosh MC40's, Mcintosh C28 Preamp, Thorens Turntable, Martin Logan Speakers, Jolida Tube CD and a Velodyne sub.
    Any advice would be of great help as I build a system I can be proud to display and brag on in the future.
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    Have you considered front projection?

    US$1500 and a white wall can get you into HD in a big way fast.
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    Chuck, since you seem to be asking for complete system advice your post has been moved here. The Basics area is for general discussion about home theater at the beginner level. For specific purchasing advice, go to the appropriate hardware-related area. Thank you. JB

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