Essential PocketPC software?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Dave F, Aug 7, 2003.

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    I'm a transplanted Palm user with a new PocketPC, and I've been having a difficult time finding "essential" software. Or even not-so-essential freeware [​IMG] Does anyone have any suggestions or good sites for info & software? After living in the world of a lot of free Palm software, the lack of free pocketPC software is a bit of a drag...

    One thing I've heard of, but haven't been able to find, is a program that automatically cycles through images when the PDA is charging in the cradle. Somewhat like a screensaver.

    Also, is there anything that simulates the Palm shortcuts? On the Palm, you could assign text snippets to abbreviations. For example, I could set it up so that entering and upside-down loop followed by "HTF" would automatically type "home theater forum". Is there anything similar for PocketPC?

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    I use the following apps on my Ipaq 3955:

    - Agenda Fusion (a must have)
    - Resco 2003 File Explorer (much better than the built in one)
    - ThemeKing
    - Resco Picture Viewer
    - Omega One Battery Pack

    Check out for other good recommendations.

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