DVD progressive scan or TV?

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  1. Doug Kennedy

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    OK I know that there are two choices when dealing with progressive scan and 3:2 pulldown. The TV does it or the DVD player does. So if you have a DVD player that has both features when the signal is sent to the TV it bypasses the TV's circuity for both. If you have an interlaced player you send a 480i signal to the TV and it makes it 480p with 3:2 pulldown. Correct? So...
    With progressive scan player:
    DVD player(prog/3:2/480p)--->TV(bypass circuitry)--->Screen
    With interlaced player:
    DVD player(480i)----->TV(converts to 480p w/ 3:2)--->Screen
    Now my question is about the difference between both methods. Both are displayed at 480p with 3:2 pulldown right? Does one method have a advantage in PQ over the other? I assume the progressive player to TV would be better because I believe there is one less analog/digital conversion involved but does it affect the PQ in anyway?
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    As a rule of thumb, higher priced DVD players will have better progressive scan upconverters than the ones you find on a TV. Some sets don't do 3:2 pulldown either. But if you're set has a good converter, like the Pioneer's, there's not much of a noticeable difference in PQ.

    Also, some sets lock any progressive signal into full mode, which sucks for non-anamorphic sources that are encoded for progressive like Titanic. I don't know if these sets do progressive in Zoom mode anyway, so that may not be a big deal.

    I have seen non-progressive to progressive comparisons, and my set renders the traditional yardstick -- horizontal pans without aliasing -- without a hitch. There are probably some torture tests involving test patterns that conclusively show that one is better than other other, but at this point, the theoretical difference is not worth my money.
  3. Jan Strnad

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    It depends on the quality of the converters, so try both and see which you like better and go with that one.

  4. peter m. wilson

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    Oct 25, 2002
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    my feeling is that a progessive player probably has a better quality mpeg decoder than an interlaced player.

    many players to-day have a dip switch that allows you to switch interlaced/progessive.

    Quite frankly the price of good quality players has come down soo much lately, why take a chance.

    peter m.

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