DVD players with respect to audio (not DVD-A players)

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    What is important to look for in a dvd player?

    I have noticed many of the low end players dont have your dts decoding or dolby digital 5.1, and it seems that this is the only difference higher end dvd players offer. am i correct in this assumption?

    now i realized that the higher end dvd players get into disc changers and DVD-a or SACD options. But I am currently looking at a DVD player just from the movie watching point of view.

    I currently have a sony Str-de445 reciever which has DTS decoding and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround. do i need to inves tin a dvd player which will simply duplicate this? (and quite possibly at a lower quality as DVD is primairly a video tool) or do i simply need a base model dvd player which dosent duplicate these things.

    are there other functions on dvd players that are good to have that only come on the higher end models? (excluding the obvios of course like SACD DVD-A and changers)

    any information, and opinions would be greatly appericiate.
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    Matthew Anderson

    I have a Pioneer low-end dvd player that works great. Since you already have DD and DTS decoding in your receiver then you really don't need one of the higher end models. Mine has excellent picture and sound. I am using S-video cable for the picture and digital coax for the sound. I get great results.

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