Duchess of Duke Street

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by BarryM, Mar 14, 2006.

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    One of my favorite BBC TV series was the superb 1970's "DUCHESS OF DUKE STREET" starring Gemma Jones. I have both series on VHS and was thrilled that Acorn Media has issued the first series on a 5-DVD set.

    Well....sort of thrilled.

    After a decent start, (the 1st three episodes are quite good), the remaining episodes I've watched are blurry and lousy looking.

    Even worst than the darn VHS sets from BBC/CBS Fox!

    Is this typical of Acorn's quality? I emailed them regarding this issue and, of course, no reply.

    If you like quality BBC dramas, you'll love this series.

    However, I caution everyone as to the quality of the prints.
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    oh dear. This is one of the sets I have purchased and have not had enough time to watch yet. I love this series, too. I'll have to move checking the quality of this up on my agenda.

    I do have other Acorn Media sets with very good picture quality--I wouldn't at all say this is typical of them.

    But I must check out my Duchess, and get back to you.

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