Do you really need filters in table-top humidifiers?

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Drew Bethel, Dec 6, 2004.

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    I've had an old Holmes humidifier for a while and was thinking of updating it but every single brand has filters. I'm wondering if their is a significant benefit to having filters or is this just another gimmick for repeat business.

    I actually purchased a Holmes (Consumer Reports recommended [​IMG] ) and the filter needed changing within a week o use!
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    If it's a warm mist filters required. We opted for a small one of these for our little girls room.

    All cool mists need filters. We have a Holmes cool mist and it uses a Brita filter plus the filter. I can go all season without a filter change as long as I keep things inside it clean.

    As for your quick filter change, I know our Holmes cool mist filter looks a bit rust colored after a few days because of hard water, but we don't change it until the color indicator band changes to the color it says on that sticker telling you when to change.

    We recently bought a cool mist whole house humidifier from Sears and for our 1-1/2 story house it didn't completely cover the house, so we returned it. It has four huge filters in it..luckily the 4 pack is only $15. Change every 3-4 months they say.

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