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  1. Max Payne

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    I currently own a Velodyne CT-150 and i'm thinking of selling it to help build a DIY Shiva subwoofer project.
    The project will be a vented cabinet about 85 liters of internal volume and the sub will be tuned from 20 Hz or around up to 25Hz.
    It will be drivin by a Parts Express plate amp ( # 300-792 )
    It only cost $99 and it has 150 watts RMS into 4 ohms.
    It also has a 5dB bass boost at 35Hz.
    If i built the sub properly would it sound better then a Velodyne CT-150 for home theater ????
    Any input will help out alot , Thanks
  2. James W. Johnson

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    May 26, 2001
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    If i built the sub properly would it sound better then a Velodyne CT-150 for home theater ????>>>>>
    Not much better, I would look into building a Tempest sub in a good sized enclosure with at least a 250 watt amp if you want to beat the CT150 by a decent margin.
    The AVA250 from Adire is only $79 more than the amp you are looking at, and the Tempest is only a few bucks more than the Shiva.
    I would build the sub as follows....
    AVA 250 $179
    Tempest $140
    3.5' of 24" ID Sonotube $24.50 (where I live)
    1/4 sheet of 3/4" MDF $7
    2 tubes of Tightbond construction adhesive $3
    1 quart of paint and a brush $10
    1.5 yards(or so) of fabric $16ish
    24" of 6" ID PVC pipe $2.50(could tune it anywhere from 16-20Hz with this much pipe.)
    binding post from Radio Shack $3.50
    three 6" long feet and three mounting posts(HD) $12
    10' of 12awg regular Monster cable $11
    Grand total $408.50 (plus add in your Tempest and amp shipping charges, gas to go get the other parts you need and an extra $20 incase some of the parts cost more in your add another $50)
    Grand total $458.50
    Unless you are willing to put the Tempest in a big EBS enclosure I would not even bother upgrading, the sub I laid out for you will beat the CT150 hands down from 16Hz on up.
    You should gain a good 10dB from 16Hz to 30Hz (this will seem twice as loud as your CT150)
    James' DIY speakers
  3. JohnA

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    Oct 25, 1999
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    Do you still need the binding posts with the plate amp? I thought the amp was wired directly to the driver.
    I will begin my own Tempest based sub (vented box, Adire Alignment) with the AVA250 amp shortly, Thanks for clarification.
  4. Seungsoo Hwang

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    Aug 6, 1999
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    if you are using a plate amp i see no reason why you would purchase binding posts. Perhaps he was thinking of using an outboard amp?

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