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Jun 28, 2004
I just learned that CBS,Inc. owns the Twilight Zone, not Image Entertainment as many of us originally thought. Image is just a contractor in producing the DVD. In another thread, I mentioned that I was so heartbroken about no subtitles/captions available for the upcoming releases of both versions of TZ this coming December. My world is still upside down since the announcement and as of now, I will never have my favorite TV show of all time in my DVD collection. It is so sad that I can't have it which I grew up with. I always depend on subtitles/captions for my TV veiwings.

Now the question is who make the final decision on whether to include the subtitles/captions or not, CBS or Image?? I find it hard to believe that CBS would refuse the service since they have a moolah to spend on producing films and the cost of subtitling or captions would be like a drop in the bucket. Or they could have helped Image financially if they ask for it.

The biggest ironic here is that when Rod Serling was alive, he battled against bigotry which was one of his favorite themes for the Twilight Zone episodes. Now we see that attitude in CBS and Image Entertainment.

I can imagine if he's still alive, he would have fought for the little guys like me.

Jay Pennington

Apr 18, 2003
I believe in cases such as this, subs/captions are provided when there are pre-existing closed captioning files they can convert. It seems in this case none have ever been done, and the DVD producing budget had nothing allocated for it.

Speculation, mind you. Does the show have CC on television broadcasts?

Joshua Lane

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Oct 10, 2003

Oh please, I seriously doubt this is a case of bigotry on the part of either of those companies. And to levy such a claim without any facts on the matter is uncalled for. I feel bad that you won't be able to enjoy the set, but as Jay pointed out, the lack of closed captions is likely due to either 1) no funds or 2) no materials.

Thomas Newton

Senior HTF Member
Jun 16, 1999
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Thomas Newton

What upcoming releases? I thought there was a complete set of original Twilight Zone episodes (five box sets, ~10 discs each) already out.

(Never mind. I see from another thread that they are redoing things in season sets. Same TZ episodes, but in a more airdate-like order.)

Craig Beam

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Oct 16, 2000
Pacific NW
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WilliamO, no offense intended, but your ongoing diatribe against Image Entertainment is getting a bit ridiculous. I've seen your comments in both the Dick Van Dyke Show and Twilight Zone threads, and frankly, I think your efforts are becoming counterproductive. Endlessly griping about the lack of captions and/or subtitles on this forum won't make a bit of difference, and it's really starting to cast shadows over otherwise great discussions. I sympathize with your plight, I really do. But if you really want to bring about some sort of meaningful change, organize a letter writing campaign, and maybe secure the support of the numerous deaf advocacy groups out there while you're at it. Pointing fingers, screaming loudly, and venting in a hostile fashion will only get you ignored. Act (and speak) constructively.

Again, I certainly sympathize... and I'd certainly sign any sort of positive-minded petition put forth on this issue. But I won't align myself with baseless accusations of bigotry against anyone.


Senior HTF Member
Dec 31, 2003
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Hey, let's cut William0 some slack here. He does raise some valid issues although (in my opinion) this doesn't rise to the level of bigotry. I don't think he's been loud or obnoxious about this. (If you want to see loud or obnoxious please check out some of the Star Wars or Alf threads.) If the HTF can have hundreds of posts discussing a tuba coming out of the wrong rear speaker on Star Wars, we can at least have a little time for this topic.

My suggestion to William0 would be to contact Image and express his concerns about this issue. CBS owns the show, but Image is responsible for putting together the DVD. If possible find the name of a decision maker and contact them directly and respectfully make your case. One question you might ask is if the captions for the broadcast versions of the show can be ported over to the DVDs. If Image punts to CBS try to get the name of a contact there.

William0, if you want to raise public awareness of this issue, Craig's suggestion to contact an advocacy group is a great one. You might also write some letters to some national publications (like USA Today) stating your position on this issue. Getting it published will be a longshot, but it's worth a shot.

Good luck!


Linda Thompson

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Apr 4, 2004
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WilliamO -- There is a site which specifically addresses this issue, but it currently covers R2 releases only. However, I have no doubt that the same considerations apply here in R1 territory as well.

Here is a transcript of a telephone conversation which you might find interesting, between one of the site's administrators and one of "the powers that be". As you'll see, it lays the issue of subtitling squarely upon budgeting -- not bigotry:


And, here's the actual site:


Casey Trowbridg

Senior HTF Member
Apr 22, 2003
William, I appreciate your passion for this I really do. I myself have a similar thing that I'd like to see more DVD companies do, but I understand why they haven't.

I'd like to see more companies utilize the descriptive video service audio tracks for people that are blind or visually impaired. Very few releases use these tracks, and I'd personally like to see that change.

Yet, I understand that there are reasons why more TV and theatrical releases do not include such tracks, and it isn't simply because the studios are full of biggits or trying to be unfair. Again it comes down to an issue of budgeting and the avialability of such tracks which as far as I know, are even less common than closed captioning, and by that I mean harder to produce.

So basically my point is to echo what others have said which is that it is ok to have a passion for such things, but you don't want your passion to be misdirected. Leveling accusations of bigitry against a studio or company is not the best way to get your opinion out there and taken seriously.

You want to make the companies aware of your concerns, but you want to do it in a way that will make sure they listen and take what you say seriously.

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