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Difference between N28 and S26 (1 Viewer)

Kevin Parker

Stunt Coordinator
May 18, 2002
Hi guys,
I was wondering if there is any big difference between n28 and s26 as far as sound quality goes?

Stephen Houdek

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Jan 21, 2002
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The S Series as a general statement is the higher end speaker. Listening preference is of course a matter of personal taste.

I listened to both Series and my taste was more to the S series. My ears heard clearer mid's in the S's as compared to the N's. This is NOT saying there is anything at all wrong with the N series. I'd bet you would be happy with either choice. Listen to them both and let your ears and wallet decide.

Phil Iturralde

Oct 7, 1998
Kevin - if you do a "direct comparison", you can tell a difference. I did that with my 2-year old JBL N24 (placed on top my S26) vs. JBL S26, when I initially received my S26 and about a week ago.
Prior to playing my CD Music tracks, I REF Calibrated @ 66 dB SPL for both speakers and left it there for each CD(s).
Let me tell you, the mid's for both are 'great', super flat and excellent for both speakers (sampled: Diana Krall, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick Jr., etc. voices) - from the Yamaha's 90 Hz fixed x-over up to (guessing) 8 - 10 kHz. After that, the 1" Pure-titanium dome tweeter has audible shades of depth, extra sparkle, layers of resolution over the 3/4" Titanium-laminate dome tweeter - "ONLY" evident w/side-by-side comparison. (The S26 sounded much better during the 2nd comparison vs. the 1st - done approx. 4 months later)
Anyway, I went back and forth, playing the same tracks over and over for about an hour+ or so. The JBL N24 held it's own and I can hear why Brent Butterworth wrote about the JBL N24 ...
Sometimes I found myself pining for the more emphasized treble of the ProMonitor 80s.
... and the JBL S26 has that "more emphasized treble"!!
My JBL NSP1s a keeper - going up to my vacation house!
JBL knew that both products were different and created the 2 Series. But you’ve got to credit JBL, because both Series have garnered very good to excellent Professional Reviews and acceptance in the Industry and consumer arena.
Hope this helps,

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