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    Dec 24, 2001
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    Are denon recievers any good? I dont want the 1602 because it has no preouts. The 1802 and 2802 look good. (2802 might be to much)

    I have Klipsch RF3II's.

    Also, does the 2802 have a cover for the front inputs?

  2. Elbert Lee

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    May 24, 2000
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    The Denon receivers are fairly popular on these forums. In general, Denon receivers are highly regarded and there is some faith in the company as Denon seems to be a CE company with a more focused goal on sound quality. Denon and Onkyo, it seems, are arguably the more popular "no frills", repsected low to high end receiver manufacturers on the market. Onkyo does offer a 2 year warranty as opposed to just one year from Denon. Denon seems to also be fairly restrictive to service on units purchased from non authorized Denon Dealers.

    I am a fan of Denon and have been faithful follower/user of its products.

    In regards to your question about the 2802, I'm not sure about a front cover for its front inputs as I understand that it does not have any a/v inputs on its front panel (nor does Denon's flagship AVR 5803). If you are inquiring about a flip down panel for its front controls, the only models that have this feature are the the AVR 4802 and AVR 5800/5803.

    I would try going with the AVR 2802 because of its amplifier advantage over the 1802. Your Klipsh towers will defintely benefit from the added power and I would be willing to bet that the differences will be very noticable.

    However, if you are very limited in terms of budget, the 1802 doew have a set sFRont L/R, CENTER preouts for an external amp.


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