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Jul 14, 2022
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David Erb
Hello. Long time lurker new to the forum.

I've recently acquired some older hardware and was hoping for some direction as to what to keep and what to pass on to my college kids.

I currently have two hodge podge home theater systems set up. And I mean a real mix of stuff. I would like to keep two hts systems up and running.

Main is run by Denon avr-2312ci. It's running Definitive Technology BP2002 front (one inop woofer), BP7005s side, clr2300 center (inop. woofer), sr804cbps rear, and Velodine 12" sub. So my system needs some love. I hope to send the amps in for the two failed but have had to delay due to the $300.00 a pop repair.

Other hts is Harman/Kardon AVR65 (bought new open box), running some Acoustic Research ar11s, a Klipsch 12" sub from Costco, Wharfedale modus music center center, and some old optimas for side.

The new to me items are, Denon DRA-395 which has no remote and from what I gather may not be a bad radio for music.
A Denon AVR-4800. Also no remote and considering swapping out the HKs spot.
Also picked up a pair of JBL E100s. Considering moving the ARs in place of the optimas and putting the e100s in place of the ARs.
I would probably buy Harmony One remotes for the any needed remotes.

I guess the big question is weather the AVR-4800 or the HK should go.

To add to this junk list I have four Bose tower speakers and center speaker in storage. Early Relistic reciever and equalizer along with optima towers in storage. Along with a Technics real to real. Also a Cambridge Audio sub and center in storage.

Thanks to all in advance for wading through this.

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