Denon or Onkyo?

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    I am in the process of deciding on a new receiver to upgrade my home system. I am looking for the new receiver to have
    extra audio inputs for SACD or DVD-A
    $600-$800 price tag
    in addition to regular features (DSP, etc)
    I am currently looking at the Denon 3802 and the Onkyo 696. I am biased to Denon b/c I currently own one. That being said, I am wary about Denon not honoring the warranty if I bought the 3802 from an online retailer. I am not sure if Onkyo honors its warranty if it is purchased from an online retailer. Both are within the above price range from online dealers. My listening habits are 80% music and 20% video. I am using Boston Acoustics VR40's for my front speakers, the VR12 for the center, the VRS Pros for the rear and the 75 watt sub (I can't remember the model number offhand). I have read good things about both the Denon 3802 and the Onkyo 696.
    Opinions and insights are most welcomed.
  2. Bryan Acevedo

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    Aug 7, 2001
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    My personal opinion - the 3802 is in a different league than the 696. I own a 3802, and I paid MSRP for it. I will gladly pay the extra money to support a local shop and deal with them when issues arise (which they already did with my old 3801). They swapped me out a brand new 3802 for a 3801 I was having video problems with - 6 months after the purchase, for free. You can't beat that!
    But for the price you are talking about, the 3802 will smoke that 696. S&V tested the 3801 (3802 has the same transformer, but some beefed up circuitry) and found it had substantial power, and it was ultra quiet. The 696 looked anemic in comparison (I think it was the 696), barely pushing out 50W per channel 5 channels driven compared to the 92W per channel 5 channels driven for the 3801. In fairness to the 696, they did say that it sounded absolutely fine. The power difference probably isn't audible anyway, but I am glad to know that my receiver can put out that kind of power.
    Also, I heard that the Onkyo's don't have any of the music adjustment settings for DPLII music mode. These settings are one of the biggest things for DPLII - I can't understand why they would leave them out!
    The Denon also has 7 channels amplification built in (for 7.1 if you ever decide to go with it, or a 2nd zone), multiple hook ups for two pairs of surrounds, Denon's DDSC circuitry, and a huge power supply compared to the 696.
    If you were to compare the 3802 to something more like the 797 or 898, now they are in the same league, but I would still give the edge to the Denon.
    Good luck!
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    0 & are Denon on-line dealers.Go to denon's web site for more.
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    I just purchased the 3802 3 days ago from an AUTHORIZED ONLINE DEALER for $850 shipped.
    You have to call to get the price. I talked to phil at ext 513. He'll hook you up.
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    If your listening is 80% music I will have to suggest Marantz SR6200 or SR7200. I listened to the 3802, and while it is a wonderful receiver, and does a great job at HT and very good job of music, Marantz just sounds better for music, IMHO. Both the 6200 and 7200 have 7.1 inputs for DVD-A, SACD, etc... as well as 6.1 outputs for outboard amplification. They also have DPL II (which isn't a big deal to me).
    The 3802 is definitely in a different league than the 696, and I would even have to say it is a step above the SR7200 in features. To get closer in performance with Onkyo, I'd say you have to move to the 898 to be at the level of the 3802. Marantz has models higher than the 7200 (SR-19, SR-18 & SR-14), but none of them have DPL II right now.
    rant / People rave about DPL II, but I think it is just feature euforia. I am not really that impressed with it. Most likely because I prefer to listen to 5.1 material than upconverted DPL material (I haven't even had a VCR in my HT for well over two years). DPL II does not come close to sounding like a true 5.1 recording. DPL II music mode sounds good, but seems kind of muted compared to straight 2ch. Just my opinion. / rant off
    Crutchfield is an authorized dealer, but their prices suck.
    Give Marantz a listen. If you are happy with Denon, stick with them. [​IMG]
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