DENON 5800 & pre-amp multi-room question

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    I have a main theatre room with stand alone amps. I also have a living room that right now is running on an old sony pro-logic receiver. I am thinking about buying a denon 5800 and using it's 7.1 pre-amp outputs in my theatre room and using the 7 amplified/speaker outputs in my living room. I will never need to have both rooms in use simultaneously.
    My question is - is it easy to shut off or otherwise mute the speaker outputs on the 5800 while leaving the pre-amp outputs alone? I want to avoid running the speakers in my living room while watching movies in my theatre room. I looked through the online manual for the 5800 and I could not find mention of anything like this, other than using the multizone-2 amplified speaker outputs which is not what I want to do, I will have 7 speakers in my living room. I don't care about the reverse - I can always turn off the amps in my theatre room.
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