Delphi Hits 5 Millionth Satellite Radio Milestone

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    Press Release Source: Delphi Corporation

    Delphi Hits 5 Millionth Satellite Radio Milestone, Maintains Leading Position in Hardware Market

    Tuesday April 5, 9:00 am ET

    - More people listen to satellite radio on Delphi hardware than on any other brand; Success validates growth strategy

    TROY, Mich., April 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Delphi Corp. (NYSE: DPH - News) announced today it has sold 5 million satellite radio receivers to retail and automotive customers. The company is the first satellite hardware manufacturer to achieve this milestone, and remains the world's leading provider of satellite radio receivers. Delphi supplies both OEM and retail hardware for XM Satellite Radio, and OEM hardware for SIRIUS Satellite Radio.

    "We regard our success in satellite radio as a validation of Delphi's growth strategy," said Jeff Owens, vice president, Delphi and president, Delphi Electronics & Safety. "We're using our technology expertise to build relationships with new customers, both in the auto industry and in adjacent non-automotive markets. With satellite radio, we have proved we can take our capabilities in new directions that will generate value for Delphi's customers and investors. We expect consumer interest in satellite radio will continue to expand as more automakers make satellite radio receivers standard in their new models, and we're well-positioned to support this continuing growth."

    "People who experience satellite radio love it," said Francisco A. (Frank) Ordonez, president, Delphi Product & Service Solutions and vice president, Delphi Corporation. "At Delphi, we are proud to have played an important role in satellite radio's growth by introducing industry-leading products to the consumer market. Today, the majority of satellite radio subscribers access the service using Delphi hardware. We are committed to maintaining our leadership in this market, and are working on new products we believe will continue to bring value and excitement to the marketplace."

    Delphi provides factory-installed satellite radios to many OE customers, including General Motors, DaimlerChrysler, Audi, VW, Porsche, Mercedes, Pana- Pacific, and various commercial vehicle manufacturers. Delphi will deliver satellite radio receivers to Ford later this year. The company began production of the receivers in 2001 for 2002 model year vehicles.

    Delphi has also built a strong presence within the retail market since launching its first consumer model in 2002, the Delphi XM SKYFi. Since then, Delphi has introduced five satellite radio receivers and numerous complimenting accessories, including the first satellite radio boom box in 2002, and most recently, the first personal, portable handheld satellite radio, the Delphi MyFi.

    "Delphi provides the broadest and deepest satellite radio product portfolio in the market," said Joe Damato, director, consumer electronics, Delphi Products & Service Solutions. "This breadth of product is the preferred choice of today's consumer and we expect this trend to continue."

    In addition to the current offerings, Delphi expects to introduce additional retail satellite radio products later this year.

    Upcoming Satellite Radio Developments

    Factory-installed: Up-integration As the clear leader in providing satellite reception hardware, Delphi is taking satellite radio to the next step of integration. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, Delphi demonstrated a radio system without the remote satellite receiver. The Delphi Satellite Radio system saves precious vehicle space for platform engineers by integrating the receiver into the radio head unit. Most units on the market today use separate receiver and head units.

    "The next step for factory-installed satellite radio is what we refer to as 'up-integration,'" said Dr. Robert Schumacher, general director, Integrated Media Systems. "Vehicle engineers need more space in the vehicle and our customers want greater value. By integrating the receiver and the radio head unit together, we will help deliver on both needs. We are also providing telematics data capability into the satellite receiver system and currently offering traffic information and messaging." Traffic information and data are available on two North American vehicles.

    In the last decade alone, Delphi has pioneered or led the introduction of multi-speaker, multi-amp premium audio, CD playbacks, DVD rear seat video, MP3 playbacks, advanced TV reception systems and satellite radio into the market. Delphi supplies both OEM and retail hardware for XM Satellite Radio, and OEM hardware for SIRIUS Satellite. Since beginning production in 1936, Delphi has manufactured more than 260 million radio systems.

    For more information about Delphi and its operating subsidiaries, visit Delphi's Virtual Press Room at .
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    How is that possible. Delphi made 5 million radios. Everyone else made how many. The total number of Sat Rads subscribers is like under 5 million. Where are the other 3 million or so radios sitting. If you wait there may be a sale or two.
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    What? No one ever upgrades?


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    I was wondering, does XM count subscribers by the number of activated radios, or active accounts?

    If they count activated radios, then technically, I am 3 subscribers.

    If they count accounts, I am 1 subscriber. BUT I have 3 Delphi radios hence the 5 million number...

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