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    This striking indie film about Jeffrey Dahmer, titled simply "Dahmer", was released on DVD this past week. Bad news is it's full screen only but I didn't know it at the time so I watched it any way.
    Has anyone else given (or considered giving) the flick a look?
    It's provocotive and will challenge you. GREAT performances by the cast especially by Jeremy Renner, who plays Dahmer. Bruce Davison plays his father.
    If this story unsettles you then that's all the more reason to watch the DVD. Don't simply catagorize people as a "monster" without first looking at the man. The film's director said something that struck me, Dahmer ceased looking at his victims as human and considered them merely objects. If we, as civilized human beings, refuse to look at Dahmer other than some "monster" then we are doing exactly what he did.
    The DVD features an audio commentary by the director and the 2 male leads, a featurette and trailer. I was pissed that it is full screen only but I already brought it home and I wanted to watch it so....I did (don't hurt me!)
    For those curious, the film is not overly gory and definitely NOT sensationalistic, it's a creepy, sometimes sad, character study. For anyone with an open mind, I recommend this film/DVD.
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    I watched the film last night. I didn't care for it nearly as much as you seem to, but it did interest me enough to want to go back and watch it with the director/actor commentary. I liked Jeremy Renner in the film, but I think that has less to do with his performance as Dahmer than the fact that he's got a very sexy torso and a butt that looks great in jeans.

    It is disappointing that the film was presented fullscreen only, especially since the film is getting theatrical screenings (it's coming to a local art house near me late next month) and it certainly will be framed at 1.85:1. And judging by the trailer included on the disc, the wider frame looks to be the intended screen ratio.

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    Just watched this tonight Michael. Suprisingly good movie. More often than not your typical serial killer "study" leaves me disappointed because the filmakers are either afraid to delve too deep or end up "cheesing" it up if you know what I mean. This one left a rather uneasy feeling, a bit dreary and sad though I feel thats what is intended (and what else would you expect from a movie about Dahmer!). Thankfully they kept the gore tasteful and it was enough so that it grounded the movie in reality.

    The performances were good throughout (though Rodney worked my nerves at times) and its definitely worth viewing.

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