Compound loaded subwoofer with an LT circuit

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    So heres my question.

    Has anyone used a LT circuit with a compound loaded subwoofer? I know in another thread there was mention that the new Stryke AV series subs would be a good canidate for a LT circuit.

    I was thinking maybe a pair of the AV15's in about a 1.5 cubic foot cabinet, in a back to back config, wired out of phase and then the bottom end picked back up by the LT.

    Any thoughts on this? I realize this would most likely require a ton of amplification, but looks like it might be a neat way to get a lot of bass out of a small enclosure.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. there is no reason why you couldn't do an LT on a compound loaded isobaric subwoofer. you basically just cut the enclosure size in half but at the expense of everything else. I personally think isoberic subs just aren't worth it. Since an LT can deal with undersized enclosures, why don't you just use a regular sealed enclosure?

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