Component Video brightness issues

Discussion in 'Displays' started by BradPrid, Sep 16, 2005.

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    Hello all...

    I posted this question earlier this year but still haven't figured out the problem.

    Zenith TV with component video. I've tried 2 DVD players, an APEX and Philips, and both show the same problem.

    Basically, I'll give an example, watching Star Trek DS9 on DVD, there are scenes in a meeting room with the crew sitting around a table where the table surface is one big light. This light on my screen is very bright and eventually turns green. The remaining picture is very dark as if the lighted table takes away light from the rest of the picture. I can't pick out the people sitting around the table hardly.

    It has nothing to do with brightness/contrast, tried that. In just normal RCA, the picture is fine, just not as good a quality as component. Also, if I pause on the scene described above and zoom in on a face I can't pick out due to it being too dark, it will lighten up once the bright table has left the zoomed image.

    I just wanted to try and get any more feedback before I take it to a repair shop.

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    It might be that the internal contrast and brightness settings for component video are not quite right. The stuff (usually) in the service menu ...


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