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Complete Front Projection System w/Rare HTPC (1 Viewer)

Sep 30, 1999
Edit: Price on projector reduced to $750 + shipping. Now looking to part out HTPC and looking for a replacement one.

The following is for sale:

1. Sharp M25X DLP Front Projector
Lightly used with less than 400 hours total usage. I am the original owner. It's been in storage for the past nine months as I have relocated from California to NYC. Have original box, manual, cd-roms, carrying case, remote, 2 pcmcia wireless cards (you can use it to wirelessly send powerpoint slides or pictures from your computer for business presentations). It was a signficant upgrade in brightness, contrast and quietness to my old NEC LT150.

See http://www.projectorcentral.com/Shar...on_PG-M25X.htm for all specs.

Will also include 25 foot DVI-D cable.

Asking $750 + shipping or best offer.

2. Da-Lite Model C manual pull 80"x60" Screen with High Power 2.8 gain screen
This is a superb screen to couple with the Sharp projector. This is especially true if you are in a rectangular room. I had used it with the Sharp in a ceiling mounted configuration and the picture was very vibrant.

Screen is in perfect condition, but the white case was scuffed slightly in a couple of places by the movers. Does not affect usage. This would be moot as I was going to spray paint the whole unit to match my wall color, but decided to scrap the entire project as my current apartment's furniture arrangements are not conducive to a front projection system.


Prefer local NYC pickup. $100 or best offer.

3. RARE [but non-functional] NetTV/Catipult DVD Home Theater PC
Email me for pictures or let me know how to upload pics. This is not a generic computer-looking case, but NetTV's last effort to enter the HTPC market. It's a nice looking HTPC with DTS, Dolby Digital symbols embossed onto the front. The front bezel that has side inputs for USB and Firewire. It also has outputs for Svideo and composite but is only compatible if you have an ATI All-in-Wonder 128pro. I have since upgraded the video card so only the front USB and firewire ports work.

Specs are as follows:

1. Custom ATX case
2. Pentium III 1 Ghz
3. 256mb ram
4. 20gb hard drive
5. PCI audio card with separate bracket for optical SPDIF output (DTS-compatible) AND optical SPDIF in
6. ATI 7000 AGP video card with VGA and DVI out
7. ATI TV Wonder
8. PC Firewire card
9. 3Com 10/100 network card

I have an IR Keyboard with a built-in mouse, but it's got a few keys missing courtesy of the girlfriend's slippery fingers so you probably don't want it. It worked fine up until a couple months ago powering my LCD TV. However, DVDs started freezing randomly. A WinXP system restore to a previous date resolved it for several weeks, but the symptoms return occassionally. Don't have the time to re-install WinXP or troubleshoot. Now it only powers up, but there is no picture. Selling as is.

EDIT: Found a small picture and article of the htpc on Forbes at:


Again, email me if you need additional pictures.

Let me know what you think is a fair price.


barry anthony

Feb 16, 2001
Hi Thomas,
I would like to buy the dalite screen and I also live in NYC,would you consider $ 85 for it?please let me know as soon as possible.
ps if you would like to call me my number is 212 283=1978
Sep 30, 1999
Apologies everyone. I got distracted by other issues in my life. The HTPC is now non-functional. It powers on, but there is no picture sooo.....I'm looking for a replacement SFF HTPC. Let me know what you have.

Also, the screen and projector is still available.

Price for the project is reduced to $750 + shipping. Thanks.

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