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Columbia/Tristar - What up with the Starship Trooper: Roughnecks DVD? (1 Viewer)

Apr 25, 2000
I am a big fan of the great CGI series and just purchased the excellent second DVD volume, The Tesca Campaign. But, to my utter dismay, it is the fourth story arc in the series instead of the second. What gives? You do not start the series off with the beginning, which is episodes 1 to 5, then leave the viewer in mystery as to what occurred after the events of the first campaign by jumping to episodes 16 through 20 of the Tesca story. So where is 6 through 15? The great audio commentary with the artists and script writers on the "Tesca" disc talk about Carl Jenkins being hurt by the bug-controlled Skinnie that is now a member of the squad. I recall seeing that episode on TV, but that's a story arc left yet undone on DVD. Explain this Columbia-Tristar? I, and other fans, what the series in order, so gives us the missing missions. Thank you.
Also, why do you not give viewers the ability to zoom in on the artwork in the DVD galleries? The new disc has tons of great content and is pretty clear to see, but it would be better if I, and others, could enlarge the artwork to read text and see fine detail.

Artur Meinild

Aug 10, 2000
To my knowledge, the next two discs in the series will be 6-10 and 11-15.
The Tesca Arc was supposedly released second because the episodes are among the best...
Maybe Col/Tri figured that most buyers would already have watched the series before!
However I'm not one of them so I'm really looking forward to the next discs...
~ Stud. Polyt. ~ Artur Meinild ~
Apr 25, 2000
Thanks for info. Artur (or is it Arthur?). Did you get your location from another source or are you just guessing? Either way, I do hope this is the case. Though collectors' of the series might have already seen it (well, the lucky ones that is), that's still no reason why Tesca should come before the others even if it is the best story arc in the series.
BTW, I made two spelling mistakes on my subject header which was by accident. It should have been "What's up with the Starship Troopers: Roughnecks DVDs?" That's pretty obvious, just wished to clarify the typing error anyway.

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