Color wheel disappearing from DLP sets?

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Craig, Jan 11, 2006.

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    "Samsung and AKAI will soon begin shipment of new DLP RPTVs that replace the color wheel as well as the projection lamp with sequentially fired red, green, blue (RGB) LEDs. In addition to producing a wider color gamut, the LEDs used in these televisions are conservatively rated at 20,000 hours—far longer longevity than any incandescent bulb used in today's RPTVs. The use of LEDs as a light source in RPTVs eliminates another moving part (the color wheel), reduces the amount heat generated (decreasing fan noise), and significantly shortens the time it takes the television to achieve full brightness."

    Akai RPTVs have pretty much been rebadged, lower-end Samsungs from what I've seen. Given that the Akais are identified as being 1080P models, and with the new LED technology, the MSRPs of $1799 for the 42" model and $2199 for the 52" model are pretty impressive. Ship dates are March 06 for the 42" and May 06 for the 52". The article lists a Samsung model for $3999 that has two HDMI inputs that support 1080P.

    PC Magazine on new DLPs
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    Steve Martin and I looked at this Samsung unit at the CES. Conceptually interesting, but the color triangle was all wrong. The unit could not even show all the colors defined for the NTSC system. The placards boasted 130% of NTSC colors except that meant that 15% of the real NTSC colors were lost in favour of 45% new colors that are not even in the NTSC system. 45% that you will never be able to see since the recording end of the system can't capture those colors anyway.

    Net effect ... you get only 85% of the colors of the NTSC rainbow.


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