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Anyone else still viewing an old DLP projector from the 2000s? Here's my Toshiba 62HM196 (1 Viewer)

steve jaros

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I bought this Toshiba 62HM196 1080p DLP TV back in December, 2006. It cost $2000 with shipping from a California retailer (I am in Louisiana), which was a real steal at the time, LOL. It is still going strong, I watch cable TV on it all the time, the college football bowl games looked great over the weekend, the occasional Blu-ray or HD-DVD (yes, I still have one of those too, LOL). And about five years ago, I attached a Roku device to it to "smarten" it up, so I also stream Netflix and the Disney bundle channels. I have always loved the rich colors and deep blacks this TV produces.

This TV has the spinning "color wheel" and yes, if I purposely flick my eyes side to side real fast, I can see the "color blur" effect, but since I normally never flick my eyes side to side real fast, that's never been an issue. I have also never had the "white dot" problem with this TV either.

I also cannot really complain about the lamp. The original lamp did burn out in 2014, after over seven years of heavy use. Got a new one and it has worked just fine since.

I now have two 4K TVs in other rooms, and of course I can replace this gal with a 4K just as large or larger for not much more than the price of one of those expensive Toshiba lamp bulbs, so its days are numbered. But it has served me well for over 14 years, so deserved a tribute, LOL. PS - if you are wondering why I didn't show an image on the screen, I am scared of violating copyright laws, so just to be safe.

Anyway, here's the old girl:


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