Can't update my Blu-ray Disc Player

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by luxid, Jul 31, 2010.

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    I'm new on this forum, but I did subscibe because I've got a problem with my blu-ray player and I'm tired to look up on the internet and never find a easy way to fix the problem. I tried many stuff but I'm now here, with the same problem.

    My equipement is Samsung BD-1400 (launched in 2007 I think). I have to update it, but lucky as am I, it doesn't work. I burned the Iso on the right disc, I put the disc in my system. It seems to be working but it not working. It does recognize the disc but at the end after 15 minutes, it just restart and it is always the same version of the firmware.

    I do want to update it, because with all the new Blu-ray generation stuff, it happens sometimes, when I'm watching a movie, than the cable cannot support the flux or something, so the image started to turn to some gray color, and for a while (maybe 1 minute), the display show nothing, a black screen, and after 2-3 minutes, it came back. I can hear the sound at least for the moment than I can watch the film.

    I want to thank you for you help, and If I am in the wrong section, just tell me or put the topic in the right section. Have a nice day.


    P.s. Sorry for my english, as you could figure out, I'm french canadian so if there is some mistakes in the topic, its totally my bad ;)
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    Correct forum, welcome.

    I guess some basic questions:

    1) What is the current firmware is on your Samsung 1400?

    2) What is the source of your updated firmware and what version are you upgrading to?

    3) What file names are listed on your burned disc? Is the disc a CD-R or RW or a DVD?
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    BTW, if you're using a Windows Vista and/or Windows 7 system to burn the iso to the disc, you may need to acquire the free CDburnerXP utility in order to build a proper iso. Vista and Windows 7 do not include native support for the ISO9660 format which most of the BD players seem to want.

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