cant find MonsterCable Z2 for my center channel

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    Sep 4, 2003
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    i have looked for three days to find part #Z2R ML-C10 for my center channel. i ordered Z2's for the mains but can't locate the same cable(single) for my center. i have called MonsterCable several times and all they have done for me is give me a bunch of dead end leads. if anyone knows where to locate this damn thing PLEASE let me know.

    if i can't locate it would it matter if i get another brand equivilant to the Z2's? my main's will be ten feet so i assume that getting the same length for the center would be smart.
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    Considering it's just 10 feet all you needed was some Home Depot type cord etc. So don't waste time and money making calls and emails to Monster and just go get some cord at the local Home Depot or Radio Shack to use for you center...

    Maybe you can return the Monster and get a spool of wire to do all three and save yourself a bunch of $$$$.

    p.s. Good god...$80 for one of these 10'wires??!!! Just saw it on Amazon... OUCH!

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