Books you've read in 2012

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    Might have to connect via Facebook. Next time I'm at the website I'll take another look.

    "Life Itself", Roger Evert (narrated by Edward Herrmann)
    Ebert's autobiography is well written and quite well narrated. And the portions that were of interest to me were wholly engaging. His history with Gene Siskel, of course was my main reason for listening. But his chapter on his love of dogs was good humor. Describing how he essentially bumbled into a lifelong career -- and even fame -- of movie reviews was surprising and interesting. And his account of terrible ordeal with cancer, and how his wife, Chaz, got him through it, was wrenching.

    But the minutia. Ugh. The other half (or more) of the book detailing family details, his travelogue, exhaustive trivia about movie actors before my time ... I didn't care. it was tedious.

    If you're into memoirs; if you're a deep fan of 1950s - 1970s cinema; this is for you. If you're a fan of Ebert and want to know about his TV show and transition without voice, go straight to the second half. And skim the dull chapters.

    I'm done with memoirs for a while. I enjoyed "Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynmann" and "Bossypants" a lot. They're more anecdote and humor than autobio. "Born Standing Up", and "Life Itself" are too serious, to full of pre-1980s history for me. I'm interested in recommendations on the former :)

    "The Night Circus", by Erin Morgenstern
    This was a surprising treat. If you'd like a dream-like fantastical story, give it a read. I'd rather not say anything on the story, since I went in knowing nothing, and every twist was a surprise. Even the theme was unexpected.

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